Smart Signs

Connect your customers to the information they need.

Now, you can connect your customers instantly to more information about how to select the best produce, great recipes for their favorite fruits
and vegetables, and nutritional information with our new Smart Signs with QR Codes. Works with any iPhone, Android phone, Windows
phone, or Blackberry with a QR code reader.



The 4 most frequently asked questions by shoppers of organic produce involve: product selection,

flavor profile, nutritional information, and recipes. What if you could provide all of that information
to your customers at the point of sale of every one of your organic produce items. Well, you can!

Introducing Albert’s Organics Smart Sign Program. It’s the most comprehensive signage program
on the market. Here’s how it works.  We have designed over 250 organic produce POS signs -
including every produce item available. On each sign is a specific QR Code that is a portal to all the
information we have just described. Any shopper with a smart phone can scan the QR code on the
sign to connect instantly to information about the products they are buying.


How do you choose a ripe cantaloupe, or a ready-to-eat pear? What do you do with celeriac? What
does napa cabbage taste like? And how many calories are there in an avocado? The answers to these
questions, and many more, are available for all produce items with a Smart Sign.  By simply using
these signs in your produce department, you are providing a window of information to your
customers that can change the way they shop and buy food.


Downloading and Printing the Signs

You can download the signs right here on this web page. They are set up on a 13"x19" sheets of paper, so, we encourage you to have them printed and cut professionally. Remember, you’re signage program is a reflection of how well you do everything else.  Make it matter!

We recommend having them printed on very thick glossy paper that you can use a dry erase marker with for writing in your prices. To have all 250+ signs printed on this type of media should come to less than $75 - a tremendous value for what you’ll be receiving.
We would even recommend going a step further and have the signs laminated for ultimate protection and longer lasting signs that are easier to wipe clean. These signs have the potential to change your customers shopping experience in your produce department, so . . . we encourage you to go the distance and make them look amazing.  Good luck with your new signs. We would love to see photos of how your department looks all dressed up with Smart Signs.  If you like, please send us your photos to