Promoting Organic Produce

Promoting Organic Produce

Organic produce needs to be promoted. Just having a sign up that reads ORGANIC is usually not compelling enough to make someone pay the extra cost for their food. Here are three strategies for promoting organic produce in your department.



Every produce department that sells organic produce is a messenger for one of the most amazing stories out there - the tale of organic food. We should not assume that everyone understands what organic agriculture is, nor should we assume that everyone understands your stores' relationship with it. At the very least, every store selling organic produce should have the following signs very prominent in their departments:


  1. A large banner that is your organic produce mission statement. Let your customers know that you support organic agriculture. Click Here to download
  2. A large sign that lets customers know what organic is. Don't ever assume that all of your shoppers know this or even completely understand organic. Make this sign clear, short and understandable! Click Here to download
  3. To complete our signage storytelling, we could use a third sign that explains why someone would want to buy organic food. Click Here to download


The large banner lets your shoppers know your commitment to organic agriculture and the other two signs educate them about what it is and why they might want to buy it.


Regular Bi-Weekly Specials:

We live in a culture where everyone expects to see deals wherever they shop. If nothing is on special the customer tends to feel cheated. The biggest battle that retailers fight in carrying organic produce is the higher pricing. It’s important for the overall image of your produce department (and certainly for the price image) that you have at least 4 organic produce items on special at all times - changing them every 2 weeks. The items should either be popular year round items, or seasonal items that are peaking at this particular time of year. Signage that is different from your regular POS signs and clearly conveys ORGANIC should accompany these specials, and the displays should be larger and more dynamic than usual, possibly even moving the location of the item to make it more visible or in more of a “hot spot” in your department. When you put an item on special make sure that the price that you promote truly is a special. Coming off 10¢ or 20¢ a pound does not necessarily qualify as a special. You want your price to be noticeably lower than what it has been or where the market is at. If you try to make your regular margin on the items that you have on special, you will never have a successful specials program. The goal of a featured item program is to enhance sales. Typically, even with a lower margin on your featured items you will make more margin dollars than you would with the same item on a regular week. Your percentage won’t be as high, but that particular item will generate more overall money as well as generate an immeasurable amount of good will and excitement about your department!


Promote Special Occasions:

Take advantage of natural holidays or occasions that promote organic. Every spring for example on April 22nd we celebrate Earth Day. This holiday may not be the most celebrated holiday during spring time, but in the organic and natural foods industry it is indeed one of the largest. Similarly in the fall, the month of September is designated as National Organic Harvest month. These two times of the year are great opportunities to really roll out the organic promotions and make your particular store a destination point for organic produce.


Simcha Weinstein

Director of Marketing

Albert's Organics