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Organic Produce Prodigy


What if there was a way to tell exactly how to select the best organic produce when you’re out shopping? Or how about a direct link to great recipes for in-season organic produce? Or, have you simply wondered what kind of nutrition is in the produce you’re buying?


Our Organic Produce Prodigy app is the answer. Available for both iOS and Android, it’s your constant companion!











     Great Recipes for In-Season Produce

      So, the store has a great deal on organic rutabegas, or yellow squash, or

      something else you aren’t familiar with. But what do you do with them?

      Simple. With Organic Produce Prodigy, you’ll select from a range of great

      recipes instantly, so you can plan an exciting new meal. 



     Nutritional Information and More

      Of course, the Organic Produce Prodigy app also links you instantly to

      nutritional information on the produce you’re browsing, as well as general

      information on the product and growers, so you can make more informed

      choices for you—and your family.





For iOS
For Android


 How to Select the Best Produce 

We all see people rapping on watermelons and 
scrutinizing avocados, but what are they really  
listening for, or looking at? With the Organic
Produce Prodigy app, you’ll be able to instantly

see how to select the best produce.