Here from the Start: 30+ Years of Organics


Albert’s Organics began in 1982, at a time when Whole Foods had only a single location.


Even in this early time, the stage was set for organic foods to flourish. More and more growers, particularly in California, were farming organically. There was finally an adequate supply to meet the demands of an ever-growing, organic-oriented population. Natural food stores were popping up out west, as well as in college towns and in larger metropolitan areas.


And yet, there were still hurdles to overcome. If the growers were responsible for delivering their harvest to the stores as well as growing the food, this would cut back considerably on production time.


What was needed was an entity that would step in and cover the transportation and delivery needs and provide communities with organic food supplies. Albert’s filled that and continues to serve customers' organic needs today.


Many of the premiere organic farmers in the industry today are growers that we have worked with from the very beginning. They made the decision to convert their farms to organic because by working with Albert’s, they saw an opportunity to distribute their crops nationally.


Albert’s opened its doors in 1982 in Los Angeles, CA. Since then, we have become the largest certified organic wholesale distributor of organically-grown fresh produce in the United States. We were certified in 1996, by Quality Assurance International (QAI), a federally-recognized, independent third party certification organization. We are very proud that we were the first produce distributor in the United States to become certified.


In 1989, an east coast division was opened in Bridgeport, NJ. Six years later, the second east coast division opened in Sarasota, FL. In 1998, Albert’s was purchased by UNFI, the nation’s largest distributor of organic and natural foods. Albert's acquired Boulder Fruit Express in November of 2000, and now operates its produce and perishable distribution out of Aurora, CO. In June of 2003, Northeast Cooperatives became part of the Albert's Organics family of companies.


We currently have 7 distribution centers located throughout the country in New Jersey, New Hampshire, Colorado, California, Florida, Wisconsin, and North Carolina.